Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ranch Camp Revisited- Mr. Santiago

Mr. Santiago was my neighbor when I lived in Ranch Camp in Waialua, Hawaii.

A kind and photogenic local man with a great smile and an open heart, I took many photographs of him that also became drawings, paintings and prints.  His son David and family lived directly behind me, and David Sr. (I always called him Mr. Santiago) and his wife Candy, lived across the street from them.  
Mr. Santiago
Double exposure
Mr. Santiago kept his animals on land on the side and back of my house.  So every morning he would drive by my house to get to his pigeon coups, his horses, goats and anything else back there.
Mr. Santiago and his pigeon coups
If I happened to be outside, he would give me a big smile, a wave, tell me I looked beautiful and say God Bless.  What a way to start my day.

His father- Granpa Santiago, on the other hand, when he was alive, would drive by in his old beat up jeep, look at our small plantation house that we were in the process of renovating, and yell with a snarl, "You paid too much!"

May be true, but I loved my little piece of paradise.

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