Monday, February 28, 2011

These Aren't Your Neighbors Crocs

 Zipper Clogs, 2011
10" x 10"
acrylic on canvas
Greetings from Red Bank, NJ, my old stomping ground and former home town.

Also the home of a super groovy shoe store- If the Shoe Fits where these fabulous puppies were found.
They are also my first pair of clogs (at least as far back as I can remember)  More fashionable than the omnipresent Crocs, and comfy too!

These delectable clogs are so cool and attract attention where ever they go!  My only regret is that I did not buy another pair because they are starting to show their age (aren't we all?) and I can't find anything else like them.

Reminder:  Crazy Catwalk is 5 days away... you still have time to enter to win my Wedding Mules #1 while helping out Supporting Kidds, Center for Grieving Children and their Families.
Wedding Mules #1
5" round
acrylic on canvas

Do you own a pair of shoes that have others oogling?

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Can't Ever Leave these Behind

Have Keens will Travel, 2011
Acrylic on canvas
10" x 10"

Out to Kaena Point on Oahu, to the top of Masada in Israel, White Clay Creek (both in the creek and on the trails) My Keens are my "Go To" Shoes for fun, adventure and comfort.

Who's your favorite side kick?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Old, new, borrowed, blue... and a shoe- for... YOU?!

Less than 2 weeks until the Crazy Catwalk for Kidds at Hockessin Memorial Hall and I have decided to raffle off one of my Shoe Portraits.  All proceeds from this raffle will go to Supporting Kidds .

Wedding Mules #1, 2010
5" Round
Acrylic on canvas with muslin ribbon

How to Win:
1. Stop by my exhibit at Crazy Catwalk for Kidds on March 6, 2011 between 1- 6 pm.  OR
2. Mail a check for $5.00 payable to Supporting Kidds.
Send it to:
 J.Christian Studio
7456 Lancaster Pike
Hockessin, DE 19707
Attn: Nanci Hersh
7456 Lancaster Pike Hockessin, DE 19707 
Be sure to include your

My Wedding Mules Shoe Portrait #1...
Old, new, borrowed, blue and... you!

By the way, I did kick them off to dance the hula to the Hawaiian Wedding Song for my husband that day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Name that shoe

Naming a painting or work of art can be a tricky thing.  Sometimes it pops right into your head, other times it reveals it self slowly, or you pick a working title, of sorts until the right one comes along.

I am never one for "Untitled."  I enjoy the quest of finding the right word or phrase that let's the viewer frame the work in such a way, even if that framing is open to interpretation.
Timeless #2, 2011
6" x 6"
acrylic on canvas
Timeless #1, 2011
6" x 6"
acrylic on canvas

 In the case of these two small paintings, Timeless just may be the working title.

The paintings are of my husband Scott's Cole Haan shoes.  They are classic and classy, just like Scott.
They are also in excellent condition which says alot about my guy.  He takes VERY good care of everything he owns.  He can have a pair of shoes for 15 years, sunglasses, even longer. I admire the way he always know where his stuff is and everything is in it's place. These shoes go to the office, out to dinner and can do a mean salsa!
Scott's shoes with their shoe trees and shoe bags
I thought of titling these paintings Classic and Classy, but that title doesn't quite fit right at the moment.
So for now, they are Timeless because class never goes out of style.

I am open to suggestions,
Do you have a good title for these paintings?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unrequited Love

Bought these shoes shopping with my 13 year old son.  He convinced me to buy them (after I tried on, but refused to buy the 4" stilettos he also rallied for!)  I liked them enough to paint, but not enough to keep.

Unrequited Love, 2011
acrylic on canvas
10" x 10"
As for the egg, same story only different.

Wanted to support a local farmer who had an assortment of her eggs for sale.  We didn't need chicken eggs so figured I would try the goose egg.

Turned out, more fun to paint, than to eat.

What's your Unrequited Love story?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Collographs with a Press

With some help, we got my table top press to The Garage for our second session of Teen Moms Make Art (working title) as part of my Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grant.
Step 1
Inking up the clothing, as well as,
 any other textues that you want to be printed
Inking up some elements to be run through
the press with the clothing
(Notice the hat and textures laying on the
sheet of plexiglass beyond Bridget)
Rolling up the clothing with ink
Step 2
You can lay the objects directly on
the press bed, or on a sheet of plexi-glass
Step 3
Rolling the plate through the press-
always an air of anticipation!

Our collograph with monotype prints!

Here I am with Lisa McMain (R), the amazing creative woman
with a generous heart, tremendous faith who created this group-
she is also my new friend

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashionista for a Cause

These are my Art of Survival Shoes, the first inaugural event in 2004.
Fashionista for a Cause, 2011
Acrylic on canvas
10" x 10"

I loved them when I bought them- but felt a tad guilty thinking I may have spent too much. So, I kept looking at other stores, with them in tow.  None compared.  I kept them, I wore them and still do.  Now, that is the Art of Survival.  No regrets.

Do you have a pair of shoes that you opened your purse a little wider for- and are glad you did?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Objects of Desire

As the mother of boys who loves sports, it's all about the sneakers.  They know what they want and they "must" have them.
Black & Yellow Zigs, 201
Acrylic on canvas
10" x 10"
These are Nate's.  He is like a puppy with BIG PAWS that he will grow into.  He bought these with his birthday money from Grandma and Grandpa, promised to take care of them. Of course, I still find them laying all over the garage floor.  Fortunately, Dini has not used them (yet) as a chew toy.

Here's a pair of Scott's tried and true winter boots that were not so lucky. He has had for 20+ years.
Unfotunately, they did not escape Dini's radar this year.  Scott was not too happy.
He takes VERY GOOD care of his things as you will see in a future post.  Luckily, he likes Dini
(at least for the time being.)  Nanci, the wife in me feels badly that Dini got them.  Nanci, the artist, sees this as a compelling subject for my Walks thru Life: Shoe Portraits Series.

Have you ever lost a favorite pair of kicks to a pooch? 
I know my friend Shelly has (achem, right Lor?!) Sorry, sore subject.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Hot Red

These shoes were bought on a whim a few years ago. Everyone woman should have a pair of red shoes.
They're fun, they have sex appeal without one of those 4" heels which would just make me topple over!
It's like trying on a blonde wig if you are brunette.  Do blonde's have more fun?  Do red shoes sizzle?
Maybe, yes, yes, yes.....

I am going to wear them to my Salsa Dance class tonight with my Valentine. 1,2,3,4...

Red Hot Red II, 2010
Acrylic on canvas
10" x 10"

Red Hot Red I, 2010
Acrylic on canvas
10" x 10"
Happy Valentine's Day!

Do you have a pair of shoes that make you feel like dancing?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not Your Mother's Avocado Green

The title and (coupling of my subjects) may seem a bit random. But as my son often points out, Life is pretty random.  Plus, I have taken the liberty of changing the title of this painting sinced I posted it in Pay Attention earlier this month.

Not Your Mother's Avocado Green, 2010
Acrylic on canvas
10"x 10"
Perched on my kitchen counter, this cut avocado caught my husband's eye.

Appreciating it from a visual (and not culinary!) perspective, Scott suggested that I paint it.  It's lovely green meat and rich brown pit seemed like the perfect companion to my pseudo biker boots. A staple in my fall and winter wardrobe, they are hip, easy to slip on, and cheap (shhh!)

I wear them all the time, and no animals were harmed... perfect for the animal lover and non meater that I am!

Do you have any boots that look like this?
What fruit or veggie would you pair them with in a painting?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walking the Walk for Kidds

Walks thru Life: Shoe Portraits 

paintings by 
Nanci Hersh

a portion of all proceeds to benefit Supporting Kidds 
Center for grieving children and their families

Shoe Portrait Series on exhibit at 
 CrazyCatwalk for Kidds on March 6, 2011 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Surrender to the Season

My kids love the snow.  I am trying to channel some of their enthusiasm!
Skates, 2011
Daily Painting #22
Acrylic on Canvas, 10" x 10"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Changing More than Diapers

One print at a time.

Art for Social Change as defined by the Leeway Foundation is:

                                           "... art with a vision. 

It is an artistic or creative cultural practice that may operate in traditional or 
nontraditional mediums, modes, or disciplines.  Art with a vision impacts people in many ways. It can: 

• Raise consciousness  
• Alter how we think about ourselves, our society, or our culture 
• Create a vision of a more just world 
• Be a tool or strategy for organizing and movement building 
• Preserve or reclaim traditional cultural practices using one’s artistic practice as a form of resistance or empowerment 
• Create space for expression and build a sense of community  
• Challenge racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, or other oppressions 
• Question mainstream culture and beliefs 
• Shift or transform the perception of power and/or privilege and the dynamics associated with justice, equality, and/or  
• Engage and utilize a reciprocal process—where there is teaching and learning simultaneously and the consent for  
     engagement is mutual as is the benefit for yourself as an artist and the community you are engaging "

Thursday was my first session with the Teen Mom group at The Garage in Kennett Square headed by Lisa McMain.

7 Moms, 6 Babies, lots of extra helping hands from wonderful volunteers, including photographer Carolyn Viens who took these photos of our session. 

What changes have you made lately?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pay Attention

In the begining of each yoga class we are asked to form an intention, a word, a phrase a feeling that may come up for us.  It could be patience (always a good one) trust, laugh, find joy.... etc. whatever resonate with you at the time.

Avocado Green with Brown Boots, 2011
Acrylic on Canvas,
10" x 10"

One of my yoga teachers, Susan Smith shared hers with us recently - Pay Attention.  I liked it when she said it. Simple Direct, like Be Present.  Pay Attention invites us to open our eyes and notice the world around us. Like in the daily paintings I am doing of shoes the past month and a half. I must pay attention to the relationshapes of color, line and form on these small canvases.  I find that this return to some art basic or foundation is like returning to breath in yoga. The essential.

And when you pay attention to breath or to color or form, that attention allows the stories within these objects the time, the space and the grace to reveal themselves.