Monday, March 17, 2008


Friday night - March 14 was the opening of Broadthinking at ABCNo Rio on Rivington Street.
A very funky space downtown in the Lower East Side... ABCNo Rio.
"BROADTHINKING is an art collaborative founded by artists Chris Twomey and Peggy Cyphers, dedicated to the advancement of innovative ideas, and visually promotingconcepts for the continued existence of all living things on the planet and beyond. Production manager and co-curator of Cosmological Map is Alyssa Fanning."

It was a very visual feast of art, people, and then some yummy Cambodian food. Chris was one of the artists from the innaugural Art of Survival show at Herspace in West Long Branch in 1994 so it was nice reconnecting. She did a great job installing the "orbs".

Here was the theme:

Tracing the evolution of female consciousness through the millennia.
(Originally conceived in honor of the first female to run for president)
We will divide the work into general groupings of –
Geologic Past
Cultural Now
Future Celestial

The premise was to create a 2D orb, pod, cell, disc, or globe.
Basically, a circular or oval shaped 2D piece. It can be one sided or double sided
and in any media. The orb should respond to or be in conversation with this theme.
It could be representational, conceptual or abstract. Could even been a print of work you have already executed.

Following up on my Tree Cookies of recent years, my orbs were made of bamboo trivets
(thank you Laurette Gnagy!) that I reconstructed and dipped into heavily beaten flax then collaged with encaustic and other materials. They were hanging and if Chris gets a good shot of the narrow hallway where all the orbs were installed I will post that.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

I've been away... not really, I have been teaching- Teen Arts Festival in Union County on Friday, and with my teens on Monday Nights at the Middletown Art Center on Church St. They did some great large scale charcoal drawings from a still life that I set up for them. It is a portfolio class and most of them have not gotten any strong drawing skills from their school. However, we put a large roll of newsprint and these guys were awesome!

I am also loving this daylight savings time! Longer days... and the sun is out. In fact, having been in my studio this am, I am to meet Barb and Marian for a beach walk. Lucky me!