Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mose Tolliver on her Wall

Carol Lesher is this week's guest blogger for the Artist as Collector series.
Mose Tolliver
collection of Carol Lesher
I came across this paintingon eBay when I was browsing around looking for a nude for my bathroom.  Well- when I saw this piece, I just had to have it.  It is a painting by Mose Tolliver, an African American folk artist who painted in a very primitive style.  

Not the traditional nude you might expect, but something I really enjoy!
I hope you enjoy it too.

Carol Lesher is a contemporary landscape painter who has a really cool studio and gallery in historic Kennett Square, PA. 

Carol bought her Mose Tolliver on eBay, I knew someone who had found a Milton Avery at a Garage sale.

Reminds me of  the indie film Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock? about a semi-truck driver who buys a painting for her friend for $5.00 and after some expert opinion spends her time and energy proving to the art world that she owns an original Pollock.  Hey, y'never know!

What is your best find in an unexpected place?


Donna Iona Drozda said...

OMG! I saw the little Moses Tolliver thumbnail in my sidebar and my eyebrows rose to the ceiling!
I love this painting and anything Moses...I was fortunate enough to visit a small museum (in an historic house) near here many years ago where his work filled the rooms...I was mesmerized.
Then a few years ago i found a fabulous portrait 'Woman with a Purse' in a small antiques mall...but they knew what they had and it was priced at 1K soi I let it pass.

Fabulous nude!

Nanci Hersh said...

Thank you Donna for noticing Tolliver's piece on your side bar and commenting.
I am so excited that you know his work... it was new for me- that's what so fun about this series. Learning about new artists, seeing what's in other artist's collections, and hearing how they found their way to our homes.

I hope that you will consider participating. I would love to see what you have on your walls.