Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Studio & Garden in Progress

Looking at my home, studio, and gardens through the lens of 'works in progress,' and process as the journey... From that perspective I see that all that I do is part of being creative. In clearing out my studio I came across an email that a friend sent several years ago that I saved. The title of the email is 100 Hundred Ways to Survive as an Artist- Without Cutting off your Ear. (helpful, indeed!) Many of the reminders resonate- especially when at times I think that I am not "making enough art" whatever the heck that means. It's just one of the "squirrels in my head" (thank you Christian for that expression - along with so MANY other yogi lessons, on and off the mat!www.evenflowyoga.com) anyway, here's my quote from the email for the day....

#2 - The fact that you are making anything at all is a huge triumph!

Truly, with all that pulls at us in so many directions internally and externally- I can claim victory for at least another day!

By the way, that fabulous concrete Scottie Dog on my front walk way is by Hawaii based artist,
Jodi Endicott. www.jodiendicott.com/

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rambling through Manhattan and my mind

I have been making a point to get into the city at least once a week- I was in Chelsea with my art buddy Chris Twomey, caught the end of Jasper Johns exhibit at the Met the following week, and this past Friday I went in with my BFF, Marian Donohue with plans to see the Cai Guo-Qiang at the Guggenheim before that closes this month. Well, bad on me... apparently lots and I mean lots of other people had the same idea on that cold and rainy day. Long lines and the rain are not for me so off we went for some hot soup and some wandering... the Jewish Museum was closed (of course-Shabbat) so we wandered into the National Academy of Design for the juried student show, hung salon style with lots to look at. Mostly figurative, and much of it very skillful. Went down Fifth for another shot at the Guggenheim and by now the line was longer... went down a block or two and looked up to find ourselves in front of the Neue Galerie http://www.neuegalerie.org/ where I have wanted to go anyway... and found myself lingering in fron of Klimt's drawings. so beautiful, so elegant... his line, I would love to drape them over myself like an elegant wrap. On the wall, it said that he would spend hours in his study drawing like one would practice their scales.... so I am off to my studio... to glue bambooo!

Keep you posted.