Monday, September 8, 2008

Rolling hills and Pondside

Greetings from the Mushroom Capital of the World! We have been in our new home just over a month now and are settling in. It's great to be together as a family after Scott's dual residence in NJ and DE for a year.

Boys are in their new schools, Thunder our large lop eared rabbit, and PC, our feline have made the move quite well. In addition,we now have Griffin's roomie; Victoria, the Russian dwarf hamster, and Tuck, Nate's red eared slider (turtle).

My studio is a work in progress and I have visions of art in my head. But it is my pond stocked with beautiful fish of various sizes and water plants that has helped ease this transition and seems to be getting my creative juices bubbling up again.

The move to paper and canvas is imminent. As my friend Sally French on Kauai said in her recent video, " ...sometimes I need to "trick myself" into working.... then I can't keep myself away." something to that effect. so true. sometimes my series just land in my lap and others I need to do some probing . this feels like a probing period though I do "see " fish as a wonderful way to begin. hey I have had rabbits, and later, crows as my muse. Plus, I am having lots of fun hanging art on my walls here, there is plenty of wall space and I am enjoying my role as curator of the Okie Gallery!