Thursday, December 31, 2009

Letting Go and Forming Connections

As 2009 is coming to a close this wet gray day I am reminded of my intention in yoga this morning- to Let Go. Let go of anything that no longer serves me - or others. And with that I would like to add Connecting - Forming Connections. Making art is often a solitary act and as I reflect on this past year in our new home I see I have created new work ( In my Inherently Found series I started using tea bags. Tea bags to stain paper, tea bags with encaustic hanging from my utensils and also drawings; a drawing a day to be precise. My morning ritual consists of making a cup of tea for my husband Scott. This connects us and reminds me of the Japanese Tea Ceremony I participated in back in Hawaii in the 80's on the beach of Haleiwa Beach Park. This ritual steeped in tradition and meditation brings us to the moment of awareness and gratitude- something I intend to cultivate in my life.

My days (like everyone else's!) are constant to do lists; filled with taking care of my family, our pets and our home, teaching, volunteering in the community, work around our book Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings, yoga, meditation, journaling and other forms of exercise- and making ART. The pie sliced is so many pieces. Often at the end of the day I would feel frustrated or angry that so little if any time was spent in my studio. I decided to make a regular practice to drawing every day- something simple and present - like a tea bag. Some days I spend up to an hour drawing the tea bag or bags, and others they are quick sketches. I decided I would commit to this practice and see what happens. I spoke to Jay my web guru today and he is going to set it up on my site so I can share them on the web with you. For now here is one from yesterday as well as a sculpture I did over the summer titled 8 Cups of Tea (also referencing the book 3 Cups of Tea that I found so powerful and compelling.)

Happy and Healthy New Year to one and all!