Sunday, April 15, 2012

Art Collecting and Dancing After Hours

Delaware based photographer Dain Simons is this week's guest blogger for Artist as Collector series.
Mixed media collage
10" x 8"
collection of Dain Simons

One theme of art that I collect is hospital/surgery based images.  A few years ago I was a guest at a wedding in Washington DC, and after it was all over, I and another college friend decided to go to the hotel bar in the basement to continue celebrating.  There happened to be a "Goth music" themed DJ spinning Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus etc.  

Shoegaze dancing and buying art was not what I thought I would be doing just a few hours after my friends wedding - but there was an artist couple, with a table set up in the dark environment.   Intrigued I looked closer, there were probably 45 8 "x10" sized images mounted on thick boards laying on several card tables. The base of the images are pages from medical books that then get painted on at the whim of the artist.  When he finished, he would mount the worked page with scotch tape onto the inside of a book cover (after being detached.)  Further working of the piece happened to hide the mounting process pretty well.

The artist is Steven Archer, he lives in Baltimore and seems to keep pretty busy.  He is also part of a band called Ego Likeness with his wife, writer and musician Donna Lynch

Here is an interview with the artist.

When Dain Simons is not shoegaze dancing or buying art, he is shooting art (mine included) as well as other subjects, teaching classes or managing Cameras Etc. in Newark, DE.

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