Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lightening Up

Had our Moving Art Studio sale last weekend, had a great turnout of friends, old... and new, by the end of the weekend. Thanks for coming by everyone!

It has been a tremendous effort going through stuff, putting it out, sorting, and finding homes for stuff. I hate to throw things away from a green non wasteful point of view, and, as time goes on, I am less of a hoarder, need less stuff. It feels great to see space. Space in my house, space in my studio, just space. It also feels great that so much of my art has found a place in the homes of friends and family....also got me to look at what I have done over the years and think about what is next... actually not thinking too much about it, just trying to enjoy the process which is kind of funny because moving is very stressful. Kind of grouchy with my kids at times, though I did take Griffin to the movies today to see Space Chimp and we both giggled alot, and last night our family went to the Red Bulls Galaxy Game so we are making time to enjoy life.

Oh... and Friday night at Singer Songwriters in the Park sponsored by my favorite radio station, 90.5 The Night, Brookdale Public Radio, Sons of William opened and then played back up for Griffin House who is GREAT!
Griffin played songs from his new cd Flying Upside Down (great title!) and some from Lost and Found (Love- Tell Me a Lie, and Way) so life is good and I am feeling lighter!