Thursday, March 31, 2011

Combat Ready

This card recently came in the mail.   A fairy godmother with combat boots.
That's what I need - a pair of combat boots to paint for my Walks thru Life: Shoe Portraits Series!
But where, or from whom?  

This guy was behind me at the store.  I asked if I could take a picture of his boots.  
They weren't quite right, not gritty enough.  I wanted a pair that "walked the walk."

Marc's Boots, 2011
Acrylic on Canvas
10" x 10"

Then ... poof! A perfect pair came in the mail (along with a petite pair of ballet slippers) commissioned by Shari Epstein.  This is the painting for Shari.  I am holding onto the boots a little longer- I want a painting of them for myself.  To remind me that I am strong and that I am going to kick this cancer....
Maren's Slippers, 2011
Acrylic on Canvas
6" x 6"

On that note...  I pushed back my surgery date to Wed., April 6.  This way I can be at The Garage for the Kennett Square Art Stroll and our YoungMoms printmaking exhibition.

And besides, would you want to have major surgery on April Fool's Day?!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prints & their Stories

It was a wrap...  and the 1st birthday of Uribeth.
Happy Birthday Uribeth
with proud mama Maria.
Here is a small sampling of the work and the stories they tell.
Collograph, monoprint with  colored pencil
by Miriam Diaz
My name is Miriam Diaz my daughter’s name is Melany Diaz, she was born in September. I hope to continue to work towards my GED. This program gave me the freedom to be able to create what I wanted, I really liked working with the baby clothes as well.
Collograph with Monoprint by
Bridget Phillips
21" x 15", 2011
"My name is Bridget. First and foremost, I am the proud mother of my 16 month old daughter, 
Allison Grace.  I am a freshman nursing major at West Chester University.  I work part time at the 
Kennett Square Giant and Creative Play Day School in Toughkenamon.  Through this art program, I discovered a creative side that I never knew existed.  I am really thankful for the opportunity to learn about printmaking. "  Bridget Phillips
Collograph with Monoprint by
Ibeth Leon
21" x 15", 2011
My name is Ibeth and I am 20 years old. I am the mother of my 2 year old son Jonathan. I am a student at the Kennett High School night program. I hope to graduate from Kennett High School and I would like to get a degree in nursing or social work. Even though I have other responsibilities, I still found time to attend this art program, which helped me discover my more creative side. I would like to thank everyone at the Garage, the teen mom program, and my family for supporting me with everything.  

Ibeth Leon

Embossing with Colored Pencil
and Rubber Stamp
by Erika Bedolla

"In Her Shoes"
an exhibition of mixed media prints
created by YoungMoms
in partnership with The Garage
and Nanci Hersh
Kennett Square's First Friday Art Stroll
April 1, 2011
6-9 pm
115 South Union Str.
Kennett Square
Free and Open to the Public
This project is funded by

Walks thru Life: Shoe Portraits

Art, snacks, meet the moms and babies, meet the volunteers including Carolyn Viens. She will be signing  copies of her book Leave Your Footprints Along the Way a discussion workbook for 

Mothers and their Daughters.  I will also be exhibiting paintings from my Walks thru Life: Shoe Portrait Series.

Creating community through art... now why would anyone want to cut that out? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

Goose Egg, 2011
Acrylic on Canvas
6" x 6"
First day of spring... yeeha!  Nature and marketing collide as there are buds on the trees, daffodils sprouting up, and of course lots of candy eggs in the grocery store.

This is another verision of Unrequited Love with the half of goose egg (that never got eaten) and the pair of shoes that were never worn.

Coincidentally I also got my surgery date today.  It is Friday, April 1, up at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. 

That also happens to be the date of the First Friday Art Stroll in Kennett Square with my Leeway Art and Change Grant Partner, Lisa MacMain and the YoungMoms Project.   We are meeting this week to prepare for the event but I will be up in NY for the exhibition.  There is a great team of women who will be there to share the wonderful collographs and prints the YoungMoms have created during this residency. Hope you can stop by The Garage and say hello to Lisa, Rosa, Carolyn and the YoungMoms  if you are in Kennett Square.

Here's to new beginnings.... Happy Spring!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Time to Kick off Them Shoes!

Everyone Needs a Break Sometimes
Art Print - 14" x 11"
Off to the beach for a weekend of R & R with my hubby.  As the line in our Butterfly Kisses Book says... Everyone needs a break sometimes...
10" x 10"
acrylic on canvas
I asked Sharon Tobia, the story behind her favorite pair of green sneaks.  

She told me that she bought a bunch of sneakers from a local clothing store that was closing.  She put them on ebay but decided to keep this pair for herself.... so they are KEEPERS!

Have you every bought somethng to give away or sell and decided that it was worth keeping?
How are you kicking back this almost spring weekend?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Other Power of Pink- YoungMoms

This absolutely was THE color of
choice for most of the girls
Photo by Carolyn Viens
I know, you thought I was going to write about the Ubiquitous Pink of Breast Cancer Ribbons and all the bands, bags, and garments that support the worthy cause.

That, my friends I will blog about at another time on our Butterfly Kisses Blog. (cause, yes there is lots to tell, after I catch my breath!)
This Power of Pink speaks of the spirit of the girls, the moms- teen and more mature (!)
that worked together to make this residency such a warm, wonderful success.
The babies brought their joy and curiosity.

There were many others that brought their warmth, their energy, and their generosity to the table;  the Staff at The Garage - Patty, Rosa, Diane, Ally, along with the young women who interned there as well. 

The visionary creator of the YoungMoms group,  Lisa MacMain was an amazing partner to work with. Her support in this project truly ensured its success. She also enlisted a host of incredible volunteers, like Trish Swigart, Beth Lankenau, among others, who fed us, held babies, cleaned up. Whatever it took.

A special thanks to Carolyn Viens below, who documented much of our sessions.  She also has wonderful photos of her world travels on her site, as well as a workbook for Moms and Daughters called Leave Your Footprints Along the Way . 
Carolyn in action
They say it takes a village...
I agree, Make Mine Pink please!

Coming soon... more info about the exhibition of the YoungMoms Mixed Media prints
at First Friday Art Stroll in Kennett Square on April 1, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Connecting at the Catwalk

Ellen and I donated one of our framed
Butterfly Kiss prints for the Silent Auction
Sunday's Crazy Catwalk for Kidds was an afternoon of high energy inspite of the March winds and rains outside.

People came for fashion, food, and art-  all for Supporting Kidds.  

It also was a great opportunity to see and meet new people.  My passion is creating community through art and it is also the mission of J. Christian and Marcy, owners of J. Christian Studio.  
Committed to giving back to the community, they create 4 events a year where they and their wondeful staff, donate their talents, their services and their vision to local charities.  Talk about Paying it Forward!

My favorite part of the day is having people stop by my table and talk about their shoes and the stories behind them.

I was also there signing copies of our book Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings: When someone you love has cancer... a hopeful, helpful book for kids.  I continue to be inspired by the courage of individuals and families who demonstrate grace and resilience in the wake of this disease. 

Add caption
In between the Catwalks there were cuttings on stage, some of which went  for Locks of Love
Social Pie guru, Carla Bobka (left) & artist and designer, Amanda Capitanio who is also the owner of 2mice Creative sitting alongside Amanda's powerful graphic images that comment on the role of media and marketing in how we view ourselves as woman.
Fashionista in Training!

Also on hand for the event were my new groovy new business cards from Aztec Printing and Design. People could choose from one of four images with my Walks thru Life: Shoe Portrait Series on them.  Commissions are welcome.

What's your favorite pair of shoes say about you?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quick Peek

My Favorite Kicks #3, 2011
5" x 5"
acrylic on canvas
Crazy Catwalk is 3 days away... busy with that as well as trying to keep my head on straight dealing with doctors and decisions. 

Remembering to breathe- oh, and painting does help. These shoes make me smile. 
But what I really need today is a BIG Belly laugh.

My Favorite Kicks #2 2011
5" x 5"

Do you have a pair of shoes that make you smile?
What movies make you ROAR!