Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Curious Trend...Just Wondering

Handcolored photo with watercolor pencils
Illustration from book-
Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings:
When someone you love has cancer...
a hopeful, helpful book for kids

Has someone stuck that sign on MY back? I have noticed a curious trend in my career...

Someone wants to use a piece in a brochure, another wants to include my work in a slideshow in Asia, a third wants me to do a presentation and workshops at an elementary school in her town, and another contacted me today... would I be interested in presenting to art teachers locally for an inservice day this week. The common denominator is that there is no financial
compensation available. Did I file for 501C inadvertently?

In the end I have agreed to them. (and say I need to be paid for one that involves travel) I want to get my work out there and support my community. I have also noticed that in the case of our book, Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings: when someone you love has cancer... a hopeful, helpful book for kids. when we give without expectations it comes back to us in spades.

Point me in the direction of the magical place where good karma and good business intersect!

(what) Rhymes with Orange

(what) Rhymes with Orange
no idea. but I do believe...She is in a class of her own.

love child of yellow and red
but there is nothing secondary about her.

The big sister of peach
Who lives life out loud
shouts "look at me"
without raising her voice.

Succulent orange
Birds of Paradise fly on her back

Radiates warmth with her fiery breath... shimmers on scales, smooth petals
pumpkin flesh
Cadmium yellow deep.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Road Trip (Blog Triage- Intro & Lesson #1)

Road Trip

Laughing Buddha

Autumn is a great time for a road trip - a tapestry of rich hues of orange, golds, reds and yellows, crisp weather and the scent of pine needles permeate the air. This week along with my hikes throughout scenic White Clay Creek Park near my home, and road trips to visit family and friends, I am embarking on a journey in cyberworld.

I have signed up for ArtBizCoach Blog Triage Class online. Hosted/ taught/ led by Alyson B. Standfield and Cynthia Morris .

My intention in signing up is for two reasons: Clarity and Connection.
Clarity....why I do what I do, and what it is I am doing, and for Connection with other artists, art lovers, and adventurers in an online community that allows and empowers each other to bring their work in whatever form it is, to others in their neighborhood and beyond. Lofty? nah, I like to think.... GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Who is my reader? Your age, gender, or where you hang your hat - is irrelevent.

What I am interested in is how you show up in the world, are you creative? interested in conversation, perhaps collaboration and how can we infuse each other with inspiration and energy to bring our vision, our craft, our ideas into the world.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Vik Muniz
Rain Shower in the Studio, after Baron Reteniz von Stillfried,
from Rebus
, 2008
Digital C-print
98 x 71 inches

Vik Muniz

Took the Double Happiness bus up to NYC city yesterday. Had business to take care of that didn't allow for gallery hopping (though people watching, as always in the Big Apple is a visual feast in itself)

Upon my return however, I did a virtual tour of the recent Vik Muniz exhibition at his NYC gallery site Sikkema Jenkins and Company.

My introduction to the artist and his work was through a recent write up in the Sunday, New York Times about Muniz' recent show at Sikkema Jenkins and a documentary about his work,
"Waste Land." The title of the article, Where Art Meets Trash and Transforms Life and images are rich, and when we examine the work and the process of creating these images we see so much more.
Drawing from his Brazilian roots and his compassion for others, his collaborative work with the "catadores" or Brazilian garbage pickers has expanded and torn down the "walls" that we often let define us as artists. Using the workers and the garbage that they pick in a new and beautiful context offers possibilities that have far reaching impact.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Boxes of Butterfly Kisses (Books! that is...) and "I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends)

Griffin with our fleece blanket...

Ellen and I recently received our 4th edition copies of our book Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings: When someone you love has cancer... a hopeful, helpful book for kids. It is just 4 years when we launched our book and our joint endeavor in conjunction with the Art of Survival and the Olivia Newton John concert at Count Basie. In that time we have connected with so many incredible people all over the world! The internet is an amazing tool, and one that I know we have only begun to tap into.

Ellen and I do this (getting our book and message to families who need it) inbetween taking care of our families, our careers and whatever else comes our way. It is truly a give and take. Right now I am a week away from celebrating my son Griffin's bar mitzvah and have been immersed in not only preparations for his service and celebrations following, but it has been a real time of reflection of how religion plays a part in our contemporary lives. Then, just for an added twist, Griffin's nose accidently collided with a friend's hand while horsing around and he went in for surgery last week! Healing is not going as quickly as we helped, but thankgoodness for the Temple Beth El community and beyond helping me with the Bar Mitzvah TO DO LIST.

Thankfully, Ellen is right there taking care of things for McVicker and Hersh, and now my friend Marian is helping reach out to hospitals and cancer centers. It certainly takes a village.