Recipe for an Inspired Life

1. Make ART out of ANYthing - pencil, paper, paint, canvas, collage, wax, wire-  you get the picture.  Be SELECTIVE but be INCLUSIVE.  Just make it DAILY.

Wire, pulp (overbeaten flax), encaustic,
sea glass, beads
8" x 4" x 4"
2. Make CHOICES - Choose to be happy.  
                           Choose to be healthy (make healthy choices.                           
                           Choose Gratitude.

3. CREATE opportunities: To TEACH what you know * To LEARN what you don't * 
To SHARE all of the above.

4. CONNECT to yourself: meditate, journal, practice yoga, exercise, dance.
                   to others: get out of your studio/ into your community, open your heart, let 
                   go of judgement, blog.
                   to a higher power: pray, meditate, take a walk in nature. breathe.

5. Make LOVE - see everything you do as an act of love
                    - practice kindness. start with yourself.
                    - hug your partner, your children, your parents, your friends
                    - hug a stranger.

6. SUPPORT - each other
                  - those less fortunate
                  - buy art
                  - buy girl scout cookies or what ever else your neighbor's kid is selling.
                  - your Main St. stores and Indie Bookstores.


The Om that Got Away
Drypoint etching, colored pencil on 
handmade paper
6" x 4"

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