Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Secret Heart Throb on her walls

California based artist Belinda Chlouber is this week's guest blogger for the Artist as Collector series.
Secret Heart Throb
 Mixed media on panel
“Secret Heart Throb” was one of the first significant pieces of art my husband and I purchased.  

Our good friend Tony Speirs was having an open studio and we had wanted one of his pieces for several years and he was kind enough to let us pay on installments for it. I like the confidence the woman in this piece exhibits, along with the colors and patterns. It has a Modigliani feel to me that I find fascinating. 

I really love having other artists work in house—I feel the art adds such a richness and depth to my living environment. And since we know many of the artists whose pieces we purchased I always think of them when I see their art, it’s sort of like having a part of their spirit here in my home.

Belinda Chlouber is a mixed media artist working with paint, monotypes, encaustic and mixed media collages with embroidery. Much of her work are inspired and based upon the poetry of her mother and grandfather.

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