Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Portrait of Emma- Artist as Collector

Colorado based artist Ayn Hanna is this week's guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.

fabric, stitching, and acrylic paint, 
Leslie Gabrielse is a textile artist from the Netherlands.  We were introduced to one another by mutual friend several years ago and became fast friends.  

I love how he is able to convey strong line and color in his textile work using fabric, hand-stitching cotton threads, and acrylic paints.  He draws and paints with fabric!  When I saw his portrait work, I knew he was the perfect artist to create a portrait of our “kid”, our chessie-lab “Emma” as a special gift for my mom Sally, Emma’s favorite “Grandma”.  During a visit last summer, Leslie took several photos of Emma, then returned to his studio to make the portrait.  
Emma, her portrait and her favorite Grandma

Sally and Leslie with the commissioned portrait of Emma
On his next trip to the US last Nov, Leslie presented us with this beautiful portrait, and we were able to present the portrait gift as a surprise to “Grandma” while Leslie was here – that made it extra special.

Ayn Hanna is a printmaker and textile artist. Her work is an exploration of media and processes as well as ideas through her strong composition, rich texture, layers, patterns and color. Her subject matter includes imagery from the natural world as well as abstract compositions informed by her dreams.

She is exhibiting her work in booth #719 at the American Craft Council Baltimore Show, Feb. 19-23.  The show is open to the public on Feb. 21-23.  For details click here


Sharmon Davidson said...

Emma's portrait is amazing- loving the whole 'fabric painting' and the stitching is wonderful!

Dora Ficher said...

I am very impressed with Emma's portrait. I love his style of using fabric to paint. Wonderful! Thank you Nanci for sharing Ayn's story.

Nanci Hersh said...

Thanks for commenting @Sharmon and @dora... it is impressive how he uses thread and fabric to draw and paint so expressively.