Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Artist Talk as Conversation

Thank you to everyone who came out Sunday, Feb. 23rd for my Catch & Release Artist Talk at Project Space DE
Photo: Carol Lesher
I began with a question to the group; "What, if any, is the connection or relationship you see between my two dimensional paintings and drawings and my sculptures?" (often what is obvious to the maker is not to the viewer) and from there the artist talk was a wonderful conversation.
Catch & Release
Project Space DE
photo:Dain Simons
The nets and hanging cast resin tea bags evoked different reactions from various people one of my favorite was from Jerry Hodge, a designer and guide with me at the DCCA (DE Center for the Contemporary Arts.) Jerry, usually quite vocal sat there quietly for quite a while and then shared a story with us.
Many years ago he went on a night fishing trip with a local tribe in the Amazon in South America. Paddling out in canoes from dug out tree trunks, the still dark waters came alive when they came upon some bioluminescence. He said it was an incredibly beautiful and spiritual moment. And, sitting there looking at the gallery seeing the light reflecting through and off my cast resin tea bags dangling in the midst of the net like structures reminded him of that time memorable time. Though I have yet to go to the Amazon, this piece is titled Sanctuary, apparently, quite fitting for some.

Far wall: Frenzy, acrylic, spray paint on canvas
30" x 40"
There were other wonderful comments that I seem to remember snippets of, fortunately, writer Catherine Quillman was there with her recorder and notebook and I look forward to sharing with you her article.
Vertigo (partial view), 24" x 18' acrylic, spray paint collage on linen
My homemade mandel brot (like biscotti)
were a bit hit too!
Thanks for reading!


liza myers said...

Wish I could have been there. It sounds like a fascinating discussion. Love the gallery installation shots. It gives a great sense of how well your 2D and 3D work integrate in color, texture and form. Congrats!

Nanci Hersh said...

I am so glad you see the integration of my work Liza, wish you were there, too- it was a great conversation. Thanks! Nanci