Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pay Attention

In the begining of each yoga class we are asked to form an intention, a word, a phrase a feeling that may come up for us.  It could be patience (always a good one) trust, laugh, find joy.... etc. whatever resonate with you at the time.

Avocado Green with Brown Boots, 2011
Acrylic on Canvas,
10" x 10"

One of my yoga teachers, Susan Smith shared hers with us recently - Pay Attention.  I liked it when she said it. Simple Direct, like Be Present.  Pay Attention invites us to open our eyes and notice the world around us. Like in the daily paintings I am doing of shoes the past month and a half. I must pay attention to the relationshapes of color, line and form on these small canvases.  I find that this return to some art basic or foundation is like returning to breath in yoga. The essential.

And when you pay attention to breath or to color or form, that attention allows the stories within these objects the time, the space and the grace to reveal themselves. 


Tina Awokuse said...

My word is Hope.

I saw a robin yesterday. Can you believe it? Despite the snow and ice and cold, spring will come. I've spent many long, cold seasons waiting for the first warm day of spring. It has always come. That has always been my hope.

P.S. I love the bunny. Got to have attitude in this life.

Nanci Hersh said...

That is a great word Tina. Hope. So simple and holds so much promise as with the coming of Spring.

I noticed a green shoot coming up... it's like when I see the first dafodils. Something to look forward to.

Glad you love the Bunnies, plus this is the Chinese year of the Rabbit! Happy New Year!