Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Name that shoe

Naming a painting or work of art can be a tricky thing.  Sometimes it pops right into your head, other times it reveals it self slowly, or you pick a working title, of sorts until the right one comes along.

I am never one for "Untitled."  I enjoy the quest of finding the right word or phrase that let's the viewer frame the work in such a way, even if that framing is open to interpretation.
Timeless #2, 2011
6" x 6"
acrylic on canvas
Timeless #1, 2011
6" x 6"
acrylic on canvas

 In the case of these two small paintings, Timeless just may be the working title.

The paintings are of my husband Scott's Cole Haan shoes.  They are classic and classy, just like Scott.
They are also in excellent condition which says alot about my guy.  He takes VERY good care of everything he owns.  He can have a pair of shoes for 15 years, sunglasses, even longer. I admire the way he always know where his stuff is and everything is in it's place. These shoes go to the office, out to dinner and can do a mean salsa!
Scott's shoes with their shoe trees and shoe bags
I thought of titling these paintings Classic and Classy, but that title doesn't quite fit right at the moment.
So for now, they are Timeless because class never goes out of style.

I am open to suggestions,
Do you have a good title for these paintings?


Unknown said...

These are stunning!!! Can't wait to see more.


Nanci Hersh said...

Thanks Meghan... what do your favorite shoes look like?
You've had some great adventures... if only they could talk, right?