Friday, February 18, 2011

Collographs with a Press

With some help, we got my table top press to The Garage for our second session of Teen Moms Make Art (working title) as part of my Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grant.
Step 1
Inking up the clothing, as well as,
 any other textues that you want to be printed
Inking up some elements to be run through
the press with the clothing
(Notice the hat and textures laying on the
sheet of plexiglass beyond Bridget)
Rolling up the clothing with ink
Step 2
You can lay the objects directly on
the press bed, or on a sheet of plexi-glass
Step 3
Rolling the plate through the press-
always an air of anticipation!

Our collograph with monotype prints!

Here I am with Lisa McMain (R), the amazing creative woman
with a generous heart, tremendous faith who created this group-
she is also my new friend

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