Monday, November 18, 2013

Across the Miles- from My Drawers

What's in my Drawers Post #1, November 18, 2013.
This first piece is from my flat file drawer labeled Kids, Crows, Clothing.

Across the Miles
Toner on hand made paper with inclusions
22" x 17"
My Crow Series were the first works I did when I moved back east to marry my husband Scott. We had dated long distance for two years.  He was living in NJ and I, in Hawaii. It was exhilarating when together and full of angst our months apart.

Equally challenging, however, was leaving Hawaii. I was so happy to be with Scott, but not very happy among other things to be facing the cold bleak winters of the east coast .

My friend Clem had given us a beautiful copper bird feeder which we hung from a tree in our backyard. Watching the crows come and go felt like my only connection to the landscape at the time. I also wanted to be like these crows - tenacious, strong and resilient.  And I was squawking ALOT.  On any given day that first year, Scott would come home to find me sitting on the floor of my studio with Lambchop my also displaced, surfing rabbit- crying.

I did quite a few of these handmade paper pieces. Some oval, some rectangular - all referencing nests with native NJ plant fibers imbedded in the sheets of paper I made while I was working at the Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper (now The Brodsky Center) in New Brunswick, NJ.


Helen Hiebert Studio said...

Nice Nancy, did you work with Anne Mckeown at Rutgers? Love that studio! - Helen

Nanci Hersh said...

HI Helen, I know Anne, when I was there Gail Deery ran the paper studio. Thanks for commenting!