Monday, November 25, 2013

The World as It Is- in My Drawers

Day #8, Monday November 25, 2013 from What's in My Drawers.
The World as It is
Acrylic, collage, colored pencil,
ink and silver pen on cotton rag
hand made paper with inclusions
16" x 20"

The World as It is incorporates pages from the found book, The Conquest of Fear.  A visual journal, each panel is an emotional response as I came to terms with a genetic breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The hand of a clock references the cell mutations as a ticking time bomb in my body, as well as, keeping track of hours, minutes. And remembering to stay in the moment.
The World as It is, detail, right panel
It is also about wanting to feel whole despite surgery, and learning to accept and love my body and my situation as it is.
The World as It is, detail, left panel
I am not sure what I have hanging from a thread from my ring finger. It feels like a hopeful talisman.
It must be powerful, gratefully I am still here.

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