Sunday, November 24, 2013

Up for Air- in My Drawers

Day #7, November 24, 2013 of What's in My Drawers.
Up for Air
Acrylic, water based ink, graphite and collage on paper
11" x 14"

Up for Air is a painting I did on a page in a large sketch book with water based ink, acrylic, graphite and collage. I dated it 3/23/13 so most likely it was "officially" Spring but didn't feel like it - yet.

By the end of March, I am SO ready for warmer temps.  Our koi stay submerged until the temperature warms up to 50 degrees or so.  I always feel optimistic when I see them come up to the surface.

I like the freedom and spontaneity in this piece. Reminds me to stay loose and playful like my beautiful scaled friends.

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Sharmon Davidson said...

I was a bit confused at first about the title, "In my Drawers"- lol! A great idea, though- this is a very cool drawing/collage!