Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to Find Your Festive

No sooner are the leftovers transformed into some nameless dish;  the holiday decorations are out of their bins and onto front lawns everywhere.
Table Setting (detail)
Monotype, pastel, collage

This can be challenging for some of us. Too much, too soon we cry!

My Favorite Kicks
Truly Festive!
If the art of elving is not part of your heritage or in your DNA, how can you find your festive this holiday season?

Notice where it already is, and say thank you for the fun and whimsy all around you.
Patsels Restaurant in Clark Summit, PA

Every nook is a work of art at Patsels

Create your own festive nook with art, objects, beauty and whimsy.
Ululani (detail)

Mixed media on mannequin
Collection of Harvey and Joan Vogel
Where do you find festive in your life? Is there a room, a corner, a shelf- that celebrates who you are and reminds you to smile, any time of year?

Let the fun begin!


Susan Tantlinger said...

Hi, Nancy. Really enjoyed this post. I liked seeing the restaurant as well as more of your work. Good job!

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Oh, what a fun restaurant! I love whimsy. I used to have a very whimsical house until I got married in 2003 and became more mainstream. But I still sneak things in every now and then. But come Christmas, it's all out war. I love unpacking the festive! (And I'm equally happy to pack it away on December 26.)

Nanci Hersh said...

@Susan - The restaurant was a total Allison in Wonderland. A wealthy widow's fantasy from what I understand. And there was a lot of original art there as well! Send her our way, right?!
@Alyson- my mother in law lives with us and is a total elf... had her whole house decorated to the nines at Christmas. Not quite our style but we do some Chanukah and Christmas decorating. You'll have to post pictures of your house at Christmas! can't wait to see...

Unknown said...

Nanci, I loved being reminded to notice the whimsy all around me. Your blog looks and feels great!

Cynthia Morris said...

Love the manniquin art! Wow! What a gift. Thanks for sharing these images; your art is inspiring.

dannie woodard said...

Dannie from Blob class....
Tonight I'm celebrating getting my blogs improved by having a piece of candy and visiting the blogs of classmates. I've really enjoyed yours...easy to follow. lovely art, and an easy to find comment space!

Looking good!

Nanci Hersh said...

@Toni, Thanks for visiting and checking in Toni. Let's continue to remind each other to notice and celebrate the whimsy in our lives!
@Cynthia and Dannie, Thank you both for visiting. The feedback is always affirming and motivating. Hope this holiday season keeps your juju's flowing!