Friday, December 3, 2010

The Other Big C's - Are you Checking in or Checking Out?

Creativity. Chanukah. Christmas. Charity. Connection.  So many C's, so little time...How many can you find or add?

Alyson Stanfield, artbiz coach asked the question in her blog yesterday, "Do you find it hard transitioning between studio and business/office time?"  It was great to see how other artists approach this dichotomy.  Many of the comments shared their practice of designating separate days for studio vs. business, others talk about the constant juggle of various responsibilities in addition to their studio time, be it a full time job, teaching, and family.  

It came be challenging to stay on on schedule with our studio and business tasks. The holidays add shopping, preparation, travel and other responsibilities to the mix. To avoid the
crazies it is imperative that we find some creative outlet and even better to Pay it Forward (one of my favorite movies!)  by sharing your artistic vision with others.

Recently, I went into my son's 5th grade class to make holiday cards for soldiers overseas.
In my bag of tricks I had colored card stock paper, glue stick, wrapping paper pieces, left over holiday napkins and everybody's favorite - Glitter Glue! One of the other fifth grade teachers has a nephew in Afghanistan so she was taking care of the mailing- but you can check out 
Army Mom Strong for guidelines to mailing to soldiers overseas- but hurry, deadline is coming up soon.

A sample of Ms. Carroll's Fifth Grade
Holiday Cardsfor the troops in Afghanistan

Afterwards, I felt inspired to go home and have some fun on my own...

Happy Collage Holiday Card! (detail)

How do you check in to your creativity when your Holiday To Do list has run amok?


Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Nanci: Those cards are wonderful! And they remind me that I need to get my cards to the troops in the mail. I've been sharing the Red Cross addy with everyone else, but haven't yet done my duty. Good work.

Nanci Hersh said...

@Thank you Alyson! I always try to find ways to get more art in our schools and this one was especially meaningful. The kids were very creative which was nice to see- the all approached the materials differently and with their own vision.

I had 2 pen pals who were serving in Vietnam (now I am dating myself!) when I was in elementary school, all because I put my return address on the holiday card I made.

Susan Tantlinger said...

The cards were adorable, Nanci.

My organisation? EVERYTHING comes behind work. Period. Always. I just work and work and work because it is my JOY. Well, that and Church Family. But I tend to lean on them to organise. I just cook (a lot) and show up. I love the Lord, and praise Him as I work. No joke. Kind of a strange or unique response, but an honest one.

Kathryn said...

The cards are great and what a good way to Pay it Forward. I was most touched by your comment about checking in with one's creativity... Something I need to do more often. And I guess that we shall be checking in a lot in the near future!

Karen F. Rose said...

Nancy thank you for this post on the big Cs and your
love of Community and Caring!

Nanci Hersh said...

@Susan, Your response is inspiring. I too, believe that creativity is praise of Spirit, God, Higher power, what ever name you are most comfortable with, and I love that working is your joy.
@Kathryn, we all need to remember to check in, with so much pulling us in different directions I am glad that we will be able to help each other do that.
@Karen, thanks for checking in. I saw your post yesterday with your ethereal painting and I was truly moved. A sense of sacred space, thank you.
Happy Holidays to my Blogging Buddies!