Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Altered Books Workshop

Saturday's Altered Book Workshop at DCAD was an inspired & inspiring nudge of what happens when you create time and space for yourself- and making art. The workshop covered basic book structures and image transfers.  These demos became a departure point for projects in every direction.
Burnishing an image to be transfered 

Each participant came with different experiences, resources, materials, images, tools, and a need to carve out some time to learn something new, be creative, and let go of outside responsibilities.

"This day with you was a gift to travel a creative path and explore all the “stuff” I have accumulated over the years such as buttons, lace, paper, old letters, etc. I have been vindicated for saving everything."
Natalie Crawford

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We altered books, inside and out.

Weaver  Gynnie Moody brought her sensibility for pattern and
surface design to this Envelope Accordion Fold Book
and left feeling excited, energized... 

and, for me- ready for a little nap.  


stacy said...

looks like a wonderful workshop. come to nj and do some!

Nanci Hersh said...

Stacy- have books & "stuff" will travel! Would love to come up and teach in NJ, will let you know when that happens. PS Two of the participants drove down from Jersey!

Unknown said...

Hi! Oddly enough, I found this page while Googleing "Altered Book Workshop New Jersey." I belong to a group of 10-or-so "crafty chicks," as we call ourselves, that would definitely be interested if you were to have a workshop in Jersey. Please keep us Jersey girls posted! --Michelle

Nanci Hersh said...

@Michelle- so glad you found me. I am coming up to NJ for some school workshops. will let you know about some Altered Books Workshops in the future. Thank you for your interest- hope to meet you and some crafty Jersey chicks!