Friday, October 21, 2011

Only in Art- Fancy Cakes without the Calories

Wayne Thiebaud, 1963
Oil on canvas

I have always been seduced by Wayne Thiebaud's paintings and prints of cakes and pies, his lush color and graphic composition. There is also a sense of nostalgia in those rows of desserts that remind me of the NJ Diners I would frequent growing up.  The ritual of sitting down to a meal and the narrative that goes along with that particular time and place has been a part of my work over the years.

Fancy Cakes
Digital print on hand made paper
with inclusions
14" x 11"
This piece Fancy Cakes, is currently on exhibition at Willow on State in Kennett Square, PA.  A mixed media piece with handmade paper incorporates images of a set of stirling silverware  I inherited from my grandmother and an old Ladies Luncheon cookbook I found.  Both of which, speak of a time when a women's place in the home feels a bit out of touch, but really, not that far away.

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