Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quick Peek

My Favorite Kicks #3, 2011
5" x 5"
acrylic on canvas
Crazy Catwalk is 3 days away... busy with that as well as trying to keep my head on straight dealing with doctors and decisions. 

Remembering to breathe- oh, and painting does help. These shoes make me smile. 
But what I really need today is a BIG Belly laugh.

My Favorite Kicks #2 2011
5" x 5"

Do you have a pair of shoes that make you smile?
What movies make you ROAR!

1 comment:

Denise Bellon West said...

There's Something about Mary - I laugh and laugh every time I see it!

And old Jerry Lewis movies, especially The Nutty Professor. And I laugh at the old, old ones where he's dancing!

Dudley Moore in Arthur - makes me laugh.