Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Other Power of Pink- YoungMoms

This absolutely was THE color of
choice for most of the girls
Photo by Carolyn Viens
I know, you thought I was going to write about the Ubiquitous Pink of Breast Cancer Ribbons and all the bands, bags, and garments that support the worthy cause.

That, my friends I will blog about at another time on our Butterfly Kisses Blog. (cause, yes there is lots to tell, after I catch my breath!)
This Power of Pink speaks of the spirit of the girls, the moms- teen and more mature (!)
that worked together to make this residency such a warm, wonderful success.
The babies brought their joy and curiosity.

There were many others that brought their warmth, their energy, and their generosity to the table;  the Staff at The Garage - Patty, Rosa, Diane, Ally, along with the young women who interned there as well. 

The visionary creator of the YoungMoms group,  Lisa MacMain was an amazing partner to work with. Her support in this project truly ensured its success. She also enlisted a host of incredible volunteers, like Trish Swigart, Beth Lankenau, among others, who fed us, held babies, cleaned up. Whatever it took.

A special thanks to Carolyn Viens below, who documented much of our sessions.  She also has wonderful photos of her world travels on her site, as well as a workbook for Moms and Daughters called Leave Your Footprints Along the Way . 
Carolyn in action
They say it takes a village...
I agree, Make Mine Pink please!

Coming soon... more info about the exhibition of the YoungMoms Mixed Media prints
at First Friday Art Stroll in Kennett Square on April 1, 2011


Carolyn Viens said...

Nanci, your creativity, enthusiasm and love for the teen moms is inspiring! You have given them a voice of expression they haven't had in years...if ever! You go, Girl!

Nanci Hersh said...

Thank you Carolyn! There were so many wonderful things about working with these girsl... high among these gifts was getting to work and know inspiring women like yourself as well!
Thanks for documenting our time together so generously as well.