Monday, October 7, 2013

Good News Monday

Got the Grant- I learned on Friday that I received a Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grant. I am thrilled that I can continue working with YoungMoms of Kennett Square, a relationship that began in 2010 when I received my first Leeway Foundation ACG. This time we will be creating sculptures together... more on that soon!
This is Bridget a YoungMom working with me in 2010 made possible by
first Leeway Foundation ACG.
Over the weekend, I found the phone- after a couple of days of peering down into the pond with no sighting of my sunken phone due to a strong reflection, I had the idea to look for the phone when the sun was not directly over head... and sure enough as I leaned over the ledge I saw the white numbers facing up. Scooped it up with a net.  

and... just this am I got a $30. discount coupon from Vistaprint when I booked my reservation with Global Airport Parking for my trip this Thursday to CO. Already put to good use for my fabulous new oversized postcard designed by Caryl Felicetta of Think Plan C.

Hoping you have some good news to share this Monday.

Tell me something good...

and thank you for reading this, things are more fun when you share.

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sharon said...

Congrats! Colorado awesome! Love your postcard!

Tornado watch, things went blowing! Our windmill was ripped apart and blown into water! Rick found it though by fishing it out with a net just like you did with phone!