Sunday, August 4, 2013

Marshall Bridge Workshop Celebration

Today from 5-9 pm is the celebration for the Marshall Bridge Welding Workshops.  This is the 10th year that Stan Smokler has been offering these weeklong intensive welding workshops. 

I stopped by at the end of the week while the guys were setting up for this evening and to hang one of my pieces from a tree along the creek. Most of the work is within the "walls" so when you come this evening remember to "step outside" and see my 3 pieces.

This is the first piece I did during the week.  Found that fabulous
netting a.k.a. fencing that you will see in all 3 pieces at the end of this post.
I envision this pond side in my backyard.

Artist and workshop techie Bob Bickey made this piece for Stan to commemorate this auspicious occasion, we all signed in limestone chalk and Bob torched our signatures.  

Love the shadow cast by this sculpture by
another participant Maureen McCarthy

The SPACE... where most of the work is. 
But then... step "outside" to see the "Nanci Hersh's"

One view of my 3 pieces...
A pedestal piece, a floor or ground piece... and then
a hanging piece.
I made the hanging piece as a structure to hang my wire and pulp nets... but am rethinking that. The piece works by itself and I did end up making a much simpler structure that could work for the smaller nets...

so many possibilities... bazinga!

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