Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Symbol of Warmth and a Place of Honor in Art Collection

Pennsylvania based artist Jay Rolfe is this week's guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.
Dog Sled
oil on canvas
24" x 30
Collection of Jay Rolfe

As an artist I love any art that uplifts my spirit. I’ve collected art my entire adult life. My
wife and I currently have displayed in our home 70 artworks by others and 28 of my own.
We have an additional 16 artworks by others displayed in our second home along with 21
of mine. And we have more in storage which we occasionally rotate into our display.
Each of our artworks give me a positive feeling that brightens my day.

The work I’m sharing with you today is an oil painting we fell in love with and
acquired in a gallery Quebec, Canada, during a visit to Montreal many years
ago. I didn’t meet the artist at the exhibition and only know that the artist was Canadian
and signed the painting ELOR. At the time we were living in the far north of New York
State near the Canadian border. Winters were very cold, often with 10 to 20 days at a
time when the mercury didn’t rise above 0° F. The cold was accompanied by lots of snow
that stayed on the ground and got deeper all winter long. What fun for young adults!

This painting, Dog Sled in Blowing Snow, of an Inuit driving a dog sled with eight
Huskies through a sea of blowing snow as the sun goes down, struck me as both beautiful
and a symbol of all the fun we were having in the snow. 

The painting hangs over our fireplace, a symbol of warmth and place of honor

Jay Rolfe is a painter, sculpture and mixed media artist whose goal is to uplift the spirit, nourish the soul, show awe of the mystery, and create beauty using color, shape, and humor.

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