Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Year of Art in our Collections

It's a year this month since I began the Artist as Collector Series on this blog.  It is a great way to learn about new artists and see what inspires everyone. Personally, I am passionate about art. I love making it, being around it, and connecting with other artists and art lovers (if you are reading this, then count yourself among them.)  My home is filled with art- my own, friends', and work I have picked up in my travels, near and far.

Frida and milagros in Pegge Hopper's kitchen

This series is one way to share this passion, introduce people (myself included) to new art and new artists and see why and what makes someone want to have a piece of someone's work in their home or collection.

Many of the artists I knew and several I met through Alyson Stanfield's blog and workshops. Some were introduced by a guest blogger who wrote about a piece in their collection and then that artist became a guest blogger.  It's a great way to Pay it Forward, and a lot of fun along the way- kind of like Art Tag- and the best part, everyone wins!

Many of the selected pieces have been the work of teachers or mentors. Other's a student of theirs, or the work of a family member. A few have never met the artist whose work they wrote about but nonethless, felt a kinship.

The work has been purchased, traded, gifted or found. All are treasures.

I guess that's the point of all this... living with art inspires us, makes us feel happy, connected, joyful, and can reminds us of what it possible.
So if you have not contributed yet, please join in... and if you have, thank you for being a part of this.


Sharmon Davidson said...

To all of this I must say, "Amen, Sistah!" This has been a wonderful series; I've enjoyed reading all the posts, and feel very honored to have been both a collected artist and a guest blogger. I so appreciate the opportunity, and best of all, through my dear friend Donna's post about a piece of my work, i have been introduced to you and your lovely blog. Is this the end, or are you still going on with it? Thanks again for doing this series- it was truly a great idea.

Nanci Hersh said...

@Sharmon Davidson... Thank you! I am going forward, keep finding new and wonderful artists through this series, you being one of them. So glad we found you through Donna Drozda. I am having such a good time finding the threads that connect us all through our passion for art. I am always looking for more artists so please send some my way and we can get them posting as well. thanks Sharmon!

Delona Seserman said...

So rewarding and inspiring to be part of your wonderful idea of artists sharing their own art collection ! Thank you for keeping all of us engaged !!!!

Nanci Hersh said...

Thank you Delona, so glad you were a part of this. Keep your eye out for more artists to participate!
Thanks again.