Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grateful for Paradise on my Walls- Artist as Collector #6

Gratitude is a part of my daily practice.  For people, for places, for experiences and the ability to express my self and connect to others through my art is such a gift.
Our extended Ohana
Pegge's granddaughter Natalie, Griffin, Pegge's grandaughter Elly, Nate

In her recent post as a guest blogger here, Karen F. Rose wrote about having a piece from her friend and mentor Mary Hatch.
Like Karen, I worked for another artist managing the Pegge Hopper Gallery in Honolulu for many years. 
Surrounded by Pegge's beautiful paintings and drawings, I learned so much from Pegge about a committed art practice and managing a business.  Pegge and I continue to be dear friends and our families are still a part of each other's lives as well.  On a recent "big" birthday Pegge graciously and generously gifted me a painting of my choice.  This painting is a cherished part of my collection. Pegge's draughtsmanship, sense of color and design inspire me daily and the painting is a reminder of our friendship and one of my favorite places on earth.

What inspiration do you draw from your walls?

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