Friday, September 27, 2013

Catching Up and Out from Under

photo by Alexandra Chalker
What was listed as an Artist Talk was really an engaging conversation in a warm salon setting. Cathie and I took a seat and invited people to talk to us- rather than us talk at them.  We encouraged and invited questions and observations about our work.

photo by Alexandra Chalker

I am looking forward to seeing the video that Cathie's niece Alexandra Chalker shot along with these photos so I can remember the insightful comments that participants offered up.
photo by Alexandra Chalker
The Workshop portion of the session was a short demo with some handouts  (posted as a page on this blog) and then everyone went to work.
photo by Alexandra Chalker
The weekend was an opportunity to share, create and do some Catching Up for us all.

and it's always great when you get an unsolicited testimonial!

Nanci and Cathie,

It was a pleasure meeting both of you at this afternoon's workshop. I especially want to thank both of you for re-awakening the artist in me that has been buried for so long under piles of diapers and Gerber baby food jars! I am ready to start creating again and you have equipped me with a new technique that I will be using for years to come!


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