Friday, September 9, 2011

Sure Sign of the Season

This recently commissioned painting is a sure sign of the season - Fall Soccer.
Jake's Cleats, 2011
acrylic on canvas
10" x 10"

Cleats, cleats and more cleats- at least around here. With the start of school comes fall soccer and with each season the feet get bigger and the cleats get brighter.

Hello soccer, good by open weekends.  Wouldn't have it any other way.


Karen F. Rose said...

What a painting full of memories. Both our children played soccer in school but must say back then the shoes were not as colorful. Someone is going to be very happy to add this to their art collection.

Nanci Hersh said...

Thank you for your comment Karen. In addition to the shows not being as colorful, not sure if turf was the playing field of norm... full of teeny tiny pieces of rubber than find their way into almost every room of our house!